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  Seasonal Weather Throughout California Wine Country

Mendocino, CA

Spring: Typically cool and and somewhat rainy with temperatures ranging between 40-70 degrees F.

Summer: Summer weather is generally cool throughout the summer with temperatures in the 50's
with the warmest temperatures occurring in the month of September reaching 67 degrees F with
evening temperatures dropping  by 15 degrees. Temperatures in the Anderson Valley can get rather warm and at times exceeding 80°F.

Autumn: September & October offers the most sunshine and some of the warmest daytime temperatures & the most reliable weather.

Winter: Minimum temperatures of  39 degrees with a limited difference in evening temperatures.
The winter months tend to be the rainy months with January being the wettest month of the year.

Monterey, CA

Spring: Monterey's wet season runs between November and April, while little to no precipitation
falling during the summer months.

Summer: Monterey averages a mild 75° Fahrenheit during the summer months with evening temperatures in the low 50's.

Autumn:  During Autumn you will find comfortable daytime temperatures between 60-70 degrees F.
with chilly evening temperatures in the low 40's.

Winter: The high during the winter season is approximately 50° Fahrenheit. Snow occasionally falls
at higher elevations in the Santa Lucia Mountains and Gabilan Mountains that overlook Monterey, however snow in Monterey is extremely rare.

Napa Valley, CA

Spring: springtime temperatures in The Napa Valley average 72° fahrenheit and is typically accompanied by sunshine with the rainy season generally ending by mid April.

Summer: Summer temperatures vary throughout the valley, however daytime temperatures
85°-90° with very temperate nights.

Autumn: In early autumn, highs remain in the 80's, and occasionally 90's with nights in the upper
40's and 50's. In late Autumn temperatures tend to drop to the low 70's.

Winter: In the winter you will see temperatures in 50's often reaching into the low 60’s. Rainy season
in the Napa Valley is mild and occurs between December & February.

Paso Robles:

Spring: Spring temperatures are gradual with lows in the mid-60's and highs in ranging from 70's-80's.

Summer: Paso Robles sees temperatures in the high 80s to upper 90s during the summer with nonexistent precipitation during this season.

Autumn: In Autumn, temperatures drop back down to the 70s and 80s.

Winter: Rain is typical in the winter months with temperatures in the low to high 60s.

Santa Barbara/Santa Ynez Valley:

Spring:  Spring temperatures in Santa Barbara range from 69-72 degrees with Santa Ynez Valley temperatures ranging from 76-84 degrees with most rainfall occurring April-November.

Summer: Coastal temperatures range from 72-77 degrees F. with Santa Ynez Valley highs typically in the 80's to low 90's.

Autumn: Coastal temperatures range from 69-75 degrees F. and in the Santa Ynez Valley, temperatures tend to have warm days between 75 and 85 degrees with a large drop in temperature from day to night.

Winter: On average, December is the coolest month with maximum rainfall occurring in the month of February. The average temperatures ranges from 64-66 degrees F. and lows in the 30's.

Santa Cruz Mountains:

Springtime temperatures average 50° temperature with fog playing a significant role.

Warm, dry summers & overcast conditions are common during the night and morning hours. Heavy summer fog frequently covers the western ocean-facing slopes and valleys, resulting in drizzle caused by condensation in the redwood forests. Summer temperatures regularly reach highs in the 80's °F with nighttime usually in the upper 40's to lower 50's with August averaging the warmest month.

Autumn weather averages in the mid 50's with lows in the mid 30's.

Cool, wet conditions occur throughout the winter with the majority of the annual precipitation falling between November and April. Snow tends to fall a few times a year on the highest ridges of the mountains with higher valleys rarely receiving light dustings. Normal winter temperatures range from the upper 30's to mid 50's.


Spring brings highs of 75 degrees F. and lows of 41 with occasional rainfall.

Sonoma sees warm days and cool nights which are rarely hot and humid. Summer highs
are typically in the higher 80s to about 90 °F but can reach as high as 100 degrees during the month
of July.

During the autumn months, temperatures fluctuate between 83 and 51 degrees with a limited traces of rainfall. October and November are cooler and wetter with highs of 77 and 65 and lows of 47 and 42.

Rainfall is generally present throughout the months of December, January and February and coordinates with winter temperatures ranging from highs of 63 degrees to lows of 37.

Temecula Valley:

Spring: Temperatures range from the mid 60's to upper 70's with the season's rainfall subsiding in the month of April.

Summer: Temperatures can range from mid 80s to 100 degrees during the summer months with no precipitation with the warmest months being July and August.

Autumn: During late fall into winter, Temecula experiences dry, windy north-eastern Santa Ana winds. Autumn temperatures can range from mid 80s to 100 degrees Fahrenheit with lows in the mid 60's.

Winter: The coolest month is December with temperatures ranging from mid 60's - low 70's
& evening temperatures ranging from 38 degrees to mid 40's with occasional rain throughout the season. Precipitation mainly occurs from November to March with February being the wettest month.

  California Grape Vines


  • Winter Vines: Vines are bare and leafless and appear mysterious yet beautiful amid early morning fog.

  • Spring Vines: Slightly bare with buds begriming to surface. In late spring, vines display larger leaves and become more abundant.

  • Summer Vines: Thick clusters of bustling green leaves and vines begin to flower. Mid summer young grapes begin to appear.

  • Autumn: Vines display stunning red, orange & brown colors and grapes are plump and
    ready for harvesting

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